Our "Frida" EVICO Bielanska Sfora FCI gave birht 7 wonderful,
healthy puppies: 4 boys and 3 girls.


Yesterday taken from us our FLO Bielanska Sfora FCI ...




ARWEN gave birth 4 puppies: 2 beautifull girls and 2 handsome boys, children and mother feel great. All puppies from this litter are reserved. At begining of November we are planning weimars after also promising mating, feel free to make reservation :-)



Shortly before midnight taken from us our Torka - OHARA Grodziski Raj Weimarski :-(



In Saturday at International Dog Show in Warsaw (Poland) our JABBERWOKY Bielanska Sfora  FCI won in his class and he gained Best Baby Male title and excellent grade. He was presented by Patrycja (DOG SHOW HANDLING) - thanks Patrycja :-) JUNE Bielanska Sfora FCI gained excellent grade and IV/4 place. BUICK Bielanska Sfora FCI in champion class gained I/2 place and Res.CACIB. In Sunday CARO Blonde Redhead Grandiflora FCI gained II/3 place with excellent grade and she is breeding female now - congratulation Ola!



At Dog Show in Lublin (Poland) our Blonde Redhead Grandiflora FCI gained excellent grade, 2 x CWC and Best of Breed title - the judge was very pleased of her.



Our weimars had debuted at National Dog Show in Nowy Dwor Mazowiecki (Poland), all puppies gained very promising grade, and JUNE Bielanska Sfora FCI gained BIS Baby IV - congratulation, we are very proud of our children and their owners!
JUNE Bielanska Sfora FCI "JAZZ", owners: Beata and Piotr - very promising grade, I place, BIS Baby IV, JASMINE Bielanska Sfora FCI, owner: Adrianna - very promising grade, III place JABBERWOKY Bielanska Sfora FCI "ARISTO", owners: Zaneta and Pawel - very promising grade, I place.
Our Cairn Terrier CARO Blonde Redhead Grandiflora FCI was first showed in open class, she gained excellent grade, I place and CWC. She was excellent presented by her owner - Aleksandra Jazwinska - congratulation doughter, we waiting for more.



Today had been born 7 awesome little weimarers, two beautiful girls and five boys.



That day was the National Dog Show in Radom (Poland) - FLO during her second show gained 2nd place and excellent grade. We are very proud of her :).


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